Participate in EMOTIV’s Global Neuroscience Remote Research and Change the World

The EMOTIV Mission

The Importance of Neuroscience Research

Building a Global Neuroscience experiment

Your Opportunity to Learn and Earn with EMOTIV

  • Decide to participate. Contribute to neuroscience experiments from anywhere in the world as an EMOTIV remote research volunteer. All you need is your computer and an EMOTIV EEG headset.
  • Get certified. You just need to demonstrate that you know how to use your headset to collect good quality EEG data and you will then be a valid participant.
  • Earn from home remotely. Your contribution is appreciated. When you upload your neural data for a remote research experiment as a contributor, you can earn money. Think of it as the perfect blend of neuroscience and the gig economy and have fun on the way with games, meditation etc.



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