How to conduct real-world neuroscience research at scale: A case study using EmotivLABS.

What does EEG measure?

Why is EEG important?

Why would we do EEG outside of the lab?

What are the real-world applications of EEG?

What are some obstacles to real-world EEG?

How can I conduct real-world EEG at scale?

The Mentimeter Effect: A case study of real-world EEG using EmotivLABS

The Study



Emotiv Performance Metrics


Mentimeter vs Powerpoint: Overall PM patterns

Mentimeter vs Powerpoint: PMs across time

The Mentimer effect: Comparing Mentimeter events to Powerpoint slides

The Mentimeter effect: How do the different Mentimeter events compare?

The Mentimeter effect: A closer look at engagement

The Mentimeter effect: Comparing objective and subjective measures




EMOTIV is a neuroinformatics company advancing understanding of the human brain using electroencephalography (EEG).

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