Explore Games, Gain More Insights with EMOTIV LABS!

  • How your brain changes moment by moment throughout experiment play which compares it to your baseline.
  • Your performance history for each attempt and how you can measure it every day. Track your cognitive stress, attention and engagement alongside your response time and accuracy to understand how they interact and how you change over time.
  • All data shared with EMOTIV is anonymized. Read more about our Data and Privacy policy here.
  • EMOTIV does not sell data to clients, partners or any other third parties.
  • The findings derived from EMOTIV LABS will allow EMOTIV to improve its algorithms and provide more insightful reports and metrics back to the community.
  • The aggregated anonymized results and findings may be published and available in white papers and publications to benefit everyone.



EMOTIV is a neuroinformatics company advancing understanding of the human brain using electroencephalography (EEG).

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