Angie C on BCI-driven Sound and Her Passion for Blending Music with Neuroscience

Could you tell us that one moment, as a child, when your brain lit up like a Christmas Tree after hearing, what you thought, was perfect music?

How does it feel to be one of the pioneers in using BCI devices for creating and playing music?

You were the first person to use a BCI device (EMOTIV’s EPOC headset) while using the iconic TONTO synthesizer. How did it feel to be able to control the music that came out of TONTO, using just your mind?

Quite a bit of coverage was given to your TONTO recording, using a BCI device to create music. What was the reaction to it in the musical inner circles?

Where do you see the future, in correlation to music and neurotechnology?

What are the advantages of using a BCI device to create music? How does it differ from the more traditional methods?

You made waves (pun intended) when your brainwave-controlled LED dress was showcased at the MakeFashion Wearable Technology Gala in 2016. In the five years since, how far do you think neurotechnology has come? And what do you believe are the future possibilities for this crucial branch of science? Both in aspects of music and a larger sense?

Your thoughts on companies like EMOTIV and the work they are doing to bring neurotechnology and neuro research into a much broader landscape and demography?

You’ve used EMOTIV’s ground-breaking headsets, and created some truly memorable music with it. A word on the technology and what it means to artists like yourself?

Have you stayed true to your normal genre and style of music? Or is there more experimentation and surprises involved in “Star Seeds”?



EMOTIV is a neuroinformatics company advancing understanding of the human brain using electroencephalography (EEG).

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